Customers integrated into a regular relationship program reported 30% more of NBI than the average segment of customers. Furthermore, according to our annual survey on customer relationships with their banks, 40% of affluent customers have not received any calls in the last 6 months, and 45% have not received any emails. We can help your business by contacting customers at the right time, with the right approach, by effectively using email and the phone.


What We Do:

  • Diagnosis: Operate outgoing commercial actions
  • Construction of the target device and ensure consistency of your customer contact motives with your sales methods without impacting the information system and network tools
  • Proposal and implementation of appropriate tools: CLIPRIO (to arrange telephone proactivity of your sales teams in branches and on the platforms) and CPM (contact personalized mail to enhance the effectiveness of approaching your customers by email)
  • Test and network deployment
  • Training of managers and relaying of information to their teams to enable sustainable anchoring of commercial proactivity reflexes in your network


Our Assets:

  • Light IT solutions developed in-house
  • A library of more than 350 market targeting strategies
  • A methodology that systematically allows having at least two good reasons to approach each customer
  • Our organizational solutions and proactive business methods which are now used by more than 10,000 customer advisors