To ensure a qualitative response to the customer, every advisor must master a range of technical knowledge in accordance to current legislation.

Regular updating of the knowledge is an important issue for the banks that seek to maintain the relational excellence of their teams.

With that in mind, Nouvelles Donnes ND2D has developed an innovative mobile training which allows expert advisors to update their level of knowledge. The highlights of this training include:

  • Maintenance of hundreds of updated knowledge items from the legislation topics up to specific banking issues
  • 5 minute’s training every day rather than several weeks of seminars twice a year that saves advisor’s time and bank’s funds
  • Customized learning pathways for each advisor

Developed in partnership with leading universities, the topics covered by ND2D are tailored to various banking markets:

  • Professional and business customer market
  • Wealth management market
  • AMF Certification