Since 2013, email has become the preferred media of clients for receiving proactive information. A custom email generates seven times more clicks than a standard promotional email.


What We Do:

We developed a comprehensive and innovative approach in order to build personal emails that are adapted to customer needs. Our contribution:

  • Ensures that the channel is complementary (email, Internet, and phone) for different actions
  • Improves the business impact with customized campaigns for customer needs:
    • Two contact patterns for each mail
    • Four levels of customization: the sender, subject, content, and signature
  • Install multichannel reflexes for the sales force:
    • Disseminate the right writing and email management practices
    • Provide customized and proactive emails to the account officers

In pursuit of these objectives, we developed a software solution that addresses both:

  • The marketing department as part of emailing campaigns
  • The account officers in making a personalized email project for each client available


The Benefits of Our Solution:   


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